Test your digital skills

Take this simple test that will help you understand your digital skills level.

Why should you understand your digital skills?

In the current job market, most jobs need some level of digital skills. When you take this test you will get a set of questions based on the Digital Competence framework that is structured to understand your skills level in a clear manner in different aspects. 

When you complete the test you will get a detailed report with a description of your average level. You will be able to identify your strong and weak areas. 

How does this test work?

  • Answer a few questions on basic information about your dream job and your educational level first to adapt the test to your needs 
  • The actual test starts - where you select  the appropriate option as an answer for each question
  • After you complete the test you will see the level of your digital skills
  • You will also get a detailed report with the description of your level 

What next?

Just knowing your digital skills level is not enough. Once you get the results of the test, you can identify the skills sets that you need to improve to get ahead in your current job or be prepared for your potential job.

You will find a learning roadmap at the end of the test that will help you identify and take courses that will help you achieve specific learning goals.

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