Europass for employment and recruitment

Europass offers useful resources for Human Resources (HR) professionals, recruiters, hiring managers, and guidance practitioners who need access to reliable tools and information to help understand the skills and qualifications of job applicants and staff.

Simplifying your recruitment process

By using Europass as your recruitment tool, you can ask job applicants to create a Europass profile. Europass users can create a profile which contains an overview of all their skills, qualifications and experience. Users can share a link to their profile with employers if they wish. The profile will allow you, as an employer or recruiter, to view the skills and experiences of candidates, presented in an understandable and structured manner. With Europass, applicants can also create CVs, cover letters and share them and other documents from Europass, via one simple link.

Additionally, if you post your vacancy on the European Employment Service (EURES) portal, Europass will highlight relevant vacancies to job seekers with a matching skills profile.

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Staff development

Europass can also be used to support the skills development of your current workforce. Europass can help you get a clear picture of the skills of employees in your organisation, which will give you a great insight into your training and development needs. Employees can build and update their Europass profile to keep a record of their professional development, achievements and progress at work. Implementing Europass in your organisation can unlock the hidden human potential of your organisation by using a free and trustworthy EU tool.


European Digital Credentials 

The European Digital Credentials framework allows education institutions to issue digital, tamper-proof qualifications and other learning credentials. With European Digital Credentials, learners, employers, education and training institutions and other authorised bodies have a simple and trustworthy way of checking the authenticity of digital credentials. They offer a way for you to confirm the authenticity of the qualifications of applicants and staff. European digital credentials are legally equivalent to paper-based certificates across the European Union and all components of the infrastructure are open and free. Read more about European Digital Credentials.

Help in promoting Europass!

The European Commission aims to make Europass a valued and widely used service among employers, recruiters and staff development organisations.

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Understanding Skills and Qualifications

Europass also offers a number of other tools that can help you understand skills and qualifications, including when you need to understand qualifications from other countries:

  • The Diploma Supplement is issued by higher education institutions and describes higher education qualifications (e.g. grades, achievements, institution) in a standard format.
  • The Europass Certificate Supplement is issued by vocational education and training (VET) institutions and describes vocational qualifications (e.g. grades, achievements, institution) in a standard format.
  • The Europass Mobility describes international experiences and skills developed while students are studying, working or volunteering abroad.