The Diploma Supplement

Did you just graduate? Do you have a higher education qualification, such as a Bachelor or Master degree? The Diploma Supplement can help you to showcase your qualification across Europe.

What is the Diploma Supplement?

The Diploma Supplement is a document which provides information that makes it easier for employers and education institutions to understand your qualification.

When you apply abroad for a job or courses, it can be challenging to explain what you learned in your studies. This is where the Diploma Supplement can help you.

What information does it contain?

The Diploma Supplement provides information on your personal achievements, including course credits, grades, and what you have learned.

It contains information confirming: 

  • the type and level of qualification awarded
  • the institution that issued the qualification
  • the content of the course and results gained
  • details of the national education system

This information can make it easier for an employer or education institution to understand your qualification and for you to take the next step with your learning and career.

How can you get your Diploma Supplement?

You can request your Diploma Supplement from the Higher Education institution where you studied.

Graduates in more than 40 countries have the right to receive the Diploma Supplement automatically, free of charge and in any major European language.

Examples of Diploma Supplements

Your diploma + your diploma supplement = the perfect combination when applying for a job or course in another European country.