The Europass profile 

The Europass profile is a tool to help people manage their learning and careers.

The Europass profile can help people to plan their learning and career development. The profile can be used by organisations – employers, volunteer organisations, recruiters, guidance practitioners, youth organisations, education and training institutions and more – as part of the support and services they offer to people.

What is the Europass profile?

Europass users can create a free profile with Europass, to record all their skills, qualifications and experiences in one secure, online location. Users can record all their work, education and training experiences, language skills, digital skills, information on projects, volunteering experiences, and achievements. Users can also store their diplomas, reference letters or other documents in a personal Europass Library.


The profile can be used in multiple ways:

  • Supporting employees to record their experience and manage their professional development
  • Encouraging young people to record their skills and plan their careers
  • For students to record their academic achievements and progress during education and training programmes
  • For volunteers to keep a record of their volunteering experiences
  • To help job-seekers or people looking for a career change to identify their skills and new opportunities
  • By asking applicants to prepare and submit a profile as part of their application for a job vacancy
  • To support validation of non-formal and informal learning as a tool for people to reflect on and document the skills they have developed throughout their life


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The Europass profile is a lifelong learning tool. By continually updating and adding to their profile, users will always have access to an up-to-date picture of all their skills. Users that create a Europass profile will get suggestions of interesting jobs and courses based on the information in their profile.

Using the Europass profile

You can use the Europass profile as part of the services and support you offer people – whether for their studies, career, volunteering or other activities. Europass is free-of-charge to use. Users can register and create their profile in one or more EU languages. The registered user controls all their data and choose whom to share their data with and for how long. Europass will never share any personal data without a user’s consent.

Get Started

You can read our FAQ or Contact Us to learn more about how Europass can help you in your work with clients, students and employees.