Plan your career with Europass

To find the right job and take charge of your career, you need the right tools to communicate your skills to employers. Europass offers you the tools and information you need to manage your career throughout your life.

Reflect on your skills

As you take the first step to plan your career, it is always important to reflect on your skills and experiences. The questions below will help you in this process:

  • Can you describe all your skills in a concise and understandable way?
  • Can you list the skills you have gained through particular work experiences?
  • Can you describe the skills you got through volunteering, online learning, hobbies and other achievements? 
  • What new skills have you developed recently?
  • What are your most valuable skills?
Woman holding a coffee cup and making plans

Record and communicate your skills and experiences

Europass tools will help you record all of your skills and experiences. That way you can always have a clear, up-to-date picture of your achievements in one place. You can create a personal Europass profile with all your skills, qualifications and experiences. You can add sections to your profile to describe your work experience, professional development and other achievements at work and in life.

You can build an overview of all your skills in Europass. You will receive a list of skills, knowledge and abilities that reflect your experience analysed from the information in your profile.

Define your career goals and your interests in life on Europass to get a better understanding of your goals. This can include activities and topics you want to focus on as well as where you would like to work.

Plan your next steps

With Europass, you can plan your next steps and find the right jobs for you.

Based on your skills and interests in your Europass profile, you will receive suggestions of jobs that might be of interest to you. You can also search for jobs in different countries across the EU.

You can share your Europass profile with employers and recruiters to make an application, or create a CV or cover letter using the Europass editor.