Managing your personal information in Europass

Protecting your personal information is a priority for Europass. Europass will never share, sell or use your personal information from your Europass profile. You control whom you share your information with and for how long.

How does Europass use your information?

Europass uses the information in your profile to analyse your skills and to suggest interesting jobs and courses for you. You can always choose to turn off these Europass features.

Europass collects anonymised statistics (e.g., how many visitors registered with Europass) and trends (e.g., whether Europass users have high levels of digital skills).  Your personal data will never be used for this process.

You can always delete all or part of your Europass profile so that you always have full control over your information.

Storing information in your Europass profile

Your Europass profile is your personal online tool to manage all your information on your skills, qualifications and experiences. You can include personal information in your profile, and store files (e.g. CVs, diplomas) in your Europass Library.

You should not store any information in Europass that could be considered inappropriate or offensive, or that contains sensitive personal information (e.g. about your health).

Sharing information from your Europass profile

Europass will never share your profile or files without your consent. You can share links to your Europass profile and files (e.g. CVs, diplomas) from your Europass library with employers, education institutions and others, if you wish.

Always ensure you know the identity of anyone you share your information with.

And please be aware that in some cases recipients, in particular outside the EU, may not be subject to data protection requirements.

More information

Europass is a free tool, developed by the European Commission, for working and learning in Europe. You can contact Europass with any questions on how to manage your personal information.

You can read the official Europass Privacy statement which includes contact details for the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS).