Plan your Learning

You can shape your learning path and plan your learning using Europass tools. Europass can support you to reflect and record your skills to find the right opportunity for you, whether you just finished school or you are an experienced professional looking to gain new skills. 

Reflect on your skills

Before jumping into a new learning experience it is important to reflect on your previous experiences and the skills you already have. This allows you to see the value of your skills and experiences to help guide your future decisions. Try to include all the skills you have obtained:

  • outside formal education or training,
  • during your work experiences,
  • while volunteering,
  • online learning,
  • through hobbies and
  • from projects, awards and other achievements.
Young woman thinking about her future

Record your skills, learning and career goals in Europass

You can create your own personal Europass profile to record all of your skills and experiences so that you always have a clear, up-to-date picture of your achievements in one place. You can create a personal record of all your skills, qualifications and experiences. You can also add or create new sections to your profile to describe projects, achievements and hobbies that you are proud of.

In the My Skills section of your Europass, you can build an overview of all your skills. Europass will analyse the information in your profile and provide you with a list of skills, knowledge and abilities that reflect your experience.

In the My Interests section of your Europass you can define your learning and career goals and your interests in life. This can include activities and topics you want to focus on as well as where you want to achieve these goals.

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