Europass for Education and Training

Europass offers a set of free online tools and information on lifelong learning and career development in Europe. Europass is a valuable resource for education and training providers, as well as for students and graduates. 

The European tool to manage career and studies

Europass is a multilingual tool that will enable your students or prospective students to document all their skills, qualifications and experience in one place. Europass users can create a personal profile, in a secure online tool, to identify their goals and keep track of all of their learning and achievements.

Students can also use the profile during their studies to keep a record of their projects, achievements and progress.

Prospective students can share their profile, CVs and other documents via Europass to clearly communicate their skills, qualifications and experience to you.

Europass also offers a number of other tools to help your students to communicate their skills and qualifications:

  • The Diploma Supplement is issued by higher education institutions and offers helpful information on higher education qualifications (e.g. grades, achievements, institution) in a standard format.
  • The Europass Certificate Supplement is issued by vocational education and training (VET) institutions and offers helpful information on your vocational qualifications (e.g. grades, achievements, institution) in a standard format.
  • The Europass Mobility describes international experiences and skills developed while students are studying, working or volunteering abroad.

Information on studying and learning in Europe

Europass offers a variety of information, in 29 languages, for students and learners to plan their learning, career and mobility.

Education and training institutions can also access information on:

Europass also offers country pages with information on European and national-level services, information on learning and working in Europe.

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Europass Digital Credentials

The Europass Digital Credentials framework allows institutions to issue digital, tamper-proof qualifications and other learning credentials. With Europass Digital Credentials, learners, employers, education and training institutions and other authorised bodies have a simple and trustworthy way of checking the authenticity of digital credentials. Europass digital credentials are legally equivalent to paper-based certificates across the European Union and all components of the infrastructure are open and free. Find out more about how you can get involved

Promoting Europass

The European Commission is working with participating countries, stakeholders and experts across the EU to develop and promote Europass. Education and training institutions, as well as policymakers and experts, play a key role in using Europass to help diverse audiences and show the potential for Europass to adapt to different needs.

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