Develop your skills through volunteering

Volunteering can offer you rewarding experiences and opportunities to develop your skills. Europass can support you in planning and recording your volunteering experiences.

Europass helps you set a goal to find a volunteering experience through My Interests tool in Europass by listing the countries where you are interested in volunteering, and the topics or interests that are important to you. You can also keep a record of all of your volunteering experiences in your Europass profile.

You can choose to volunteer for any of the different causes important to you, whether at home or abroad, on a full-time or part-time basis. By volunteering you can have a positive impact on society, meet new people and develop key skills like problem-solving, teamwork and effective communication. Volunteering abroad also offers chances to learn new languages and encounter new cultures and perspectives.

infographic on volunteering

Prepare to volunteer

Once you have found the right volunteering opportunity for you, Europass can help you prepare your application:

You can share your Europass profile directly with volunteer organisations to tell them more about you and your skills;

You can prepare a free and tailored Europass CV and Cover Letter.

Download the infographic on volunteering.

Keep track of all your new skills

As the application is only the start of the journey Europass offers you a possibility to keep track of all your new skills and experiences gained during volunteering in your profile.

You can add new sections to record your volunteering experience. Include the details of the new things you learned, your role and the organisation you volunteered. Attach photos, certificates and other documents so that all the information on your volunteering experience and your skills is stored in one place for your future reference and use.