Europass Statistics 

A summary of the key statistics on the Europass  platform. A showcase of the platform's growth and use in numbers.

Key Numbers

a computer screen icon with icons of people and a bar graph
Visits to the Europass website
90 million

An average of 20 million visits to the Europass platform per year.

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Number of Europass accounts
6.78 million

An average of 1.5 million Europass accounts are created each year 

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CV Downloads
9 million

Number of CVs downloaded in 2023

Language Skills

icons representing the percentages of  language skills of europass users for the top skill languages. English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German. English has 46  percent of people who have knoledge of the language and 3 percent who are native speakers and so on for all the languages.

Digital Skills

circles of different sizes that show the  digital skills that europass users have added on their profile