Europass timeline

Important milestones of Europass

1 July 2020

New Europass Platform

The new platform was launched on 1 July 2020 with information pages related to learning and working in Europe, the Europass profile, CV builder, Cover Letter builder, Europass library, and the "My Skills" and "My Interests" self assessment tools. 

launch screen step 1

1 July 2021

Two million users

In just a year, Europass attracted two million users, who have Europass accounts and created a Europass profile.

2 million in one year

25 October 2021

European Digital Credentials for learning 

The European Digital Credentials for Learning was launched after a successful pilot phase implemented by 19 European countries. They are multilingual, easy to share and simple to verify. They carry an electronic seal as a stamp of trust of the origin and validity of the credentials. They contain rich information on learning outcomes, skills acquired, grades, learning activity descriptions and more.

EDC visual updated

29 October 2021

Application Manager 

 A new tool was added to manage applications was added to the set of Europass digital tool where users can store, organise, share  and track their applications in a structured way. 

Application Manager step

19 January 2022

Digital Skills Self Assessment Tool

The Digital skills self-assessment tool was added to the Europass  set of digital tools to support users in assessing their digital skills levels through a simple test.

Launch of the Digital Skills Self-Assessment Tool

24 May 2022


Ukrainian became the 30th Europass language, with interface, labels and content translated so the refugees could benefit as they look to find jobs in Europe.

Ukrainian Europass language

11 May 2023

European Learning Model

The new version of the first multilingual data model for learning which is a new step for interoperability and learning was launched.

ELM visual

9 June 2023

Job and Skill Trends tool

A new tool to support users in finding helpful information about the demand of specific occupations and skills across EU countries was launched.

Job and Skill Trends tool step

16 June 2023


Montenegrin became the 31st language available on Europass, with translated labels, interface and content. 

Montenegrin visual

1 July 2023

5 million users

For the three years celebration, Europass reached another milestone of five million users.

5 million step

25 March 2024

Europass Evaluation Results

The results of the Europass evaluation were published in March 2024 and form the basis for the new vision of Europass in the years to come.

Evaluation areas