Europass and skills documentation

Vienna, Austria

The European Year of Skills is an initiative of the European Union to promote and improve the skills of its citizens. The aim of the programme is to ensure that people have the necessary skills to succeed in today's fast-changing economy, where technology and innovation are transforming the labour market.

The European Year of Skills aims to raise awareness of the importance of skills development and encourage people to acquire new skills or improve existing ones. The focus is on the development of digital, green, and social competencies. Europass plays a crucial role in this process by providing a comprehensive platform with various tools. In this event, you will learn how Europass supports the systematic documentation and re/upskilling of competencies and skills.

Register here to participate in this event (The event is in German only) to have the opportunity to learn more about individual aspects such as learning opportunities and qualifications, job opportunities (via EURES), and the European Digital Certificate of Education in discussion rounds. This will highlight the features and benefits of Europass and present how it can help individuals and organizations achieve their professional development goals. Refer to the draft version of the agenda to know more.