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    Test your digital skills



    Take this simple test that will help you understand your digital skills level. When you complete the test you will get a detailed report with a description of your average level. 

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    Napravite CV



    Možeš napraviti koliko želiš biografija u samo par klikova. Možeš ga koristiti za konkurs za posao, obrazovanje ili obuku kao i za volontiranje.

    Napravite motivaciono pismo


    Europass makes it as simple as possible for you to create a Cover letter that stands out and follows the standard structure. Možeš da napraviš, čuvaš i deliš propratna pisma na 31 jezika, da biraš između različitih šablona da prilagodiš svoju aplikaciju i lako je podeliš iz svoje Europass biblioteke. 

    The digital step


    Europass is a truly digital platform! You can share your Europass profile digitally with any person or organisation you choose through a unique link and decide on how long this link should be valid. Not only that – you can test your digital skills level or see how the European Digital Credentials for Learning work on Europass.

    The safe step: All about 2FA



    Did you know that two out of three people use the same passwords everywhere? This makes it easy for hackers to get access to personal data. Keep your Europass account safer by adding an extra step for protection with the two-step login. All you need is your smartphone and the EU login app.

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    5 million registered Europass users

    Europass has officially reached 5 million registered users and the platform is continuing to grow in quantity and quality.  Have you explored all the amazing tools Europass has to offer? Significant improvements were made to Europass tools based on your input. Now, we invite you to share your personal Europass story with us for a chance to have it published on our website highlighting the European Year of Skills. Join our community of 5 million users and be a part of the Europass success story!

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