The Qualification Dataset Register (QDR)

On these pages you will find all the information relating to publishing your datasets in the QDR, the schemata documentation, and the policy context. 

The Qualification Dataset Register (QDR) serves as a central portal for qualifications, learning opportunities and accreditations. It enables different governmental institutions and awarding bodies to publish their information to the European infrastructure.

National authorities can prepare and publish qualifications, learning opportunities, and information on accreditations through QDR platform. The QDR is a tool developed by the Commission to support national authorities to publish their data as ‘linked open data’ which can be published, connected, and used more easily.

The QDR is an online register that will store information about your datasets (i.e. the format of your data, location of your data, a license of your data, contact person, ...) for publication to Europass.

Publishing data to the QDR involves several steps: (1) first you need to register, (2) then you specify the metadata of your datasets and finally (3) you publish actual data in the form of different versions for these datasets.

The purpose of these pages is to provide guidance and instructions to national authorities in Member States and participating countries on the provision of information on qualifications, accreditations, and learning opportunities to the Europass platform.

These pages are intended for data managers within national authorities and awarding bodies, with responsibility for maintaining national sources of information on qualifications, accreditations, and learning opportunities.