Europass digital tools

Explore all the digital tools that Europass offers you to manage your learning and career.

Your Europass Profile

This is your personal space where you can record all your experiences and achievements. You can add your work experiences, learning experiences, different kinds of skills, publications, awards, licenses, memberships, volunteering and international experiences and even create new sections where you can add information, images, files and links to media that are relevant.

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Your Europass library

Once you have created your profile, you can add, save and share all supporting documents such as your certificates, motivation letter, cover letters, CVs, photos, or any other document on your Europass Library. 

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CV editor

You can create a CV or many CVs with just a few clicks from your Europass profile or from scratch.

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Cover letter builder

Europass makes it as simple as possible for you to create a Cover letter that stands out and follows the standard structure.

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Your skills

Add your skills to the "My skills" section and Europass will suggest other relevant and related sets of skills you might also have. These skills also come with descriptions that will help you understand the related sets of skills by describing and defining them in the context of different jobs.

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Your interests

You can define your interests and understand your learning or career goals by adding topics you are interested in, where you want to work or study and what goals you want to achieve.

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Europass digital credentials

Europass Digital Credentials (EDCs) are digital diplomas and certificates presented in a way that is recognized across Europe. You can receive Europass Digital Credentials easily from your education or training institute with a Europass account and store it in your Digital wallet. It is signed with a unique e-seal that will make it authentic and easily verifiable to employers or recruitment professionals.

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Information and support

The European Union offers many services that support you in your path to learn or work in Europe. You can search for courses, jobs, get advice from guidance counsellors, learn about how your qualifications and how they compare in a European country where are interested to learn or work and much more. You can check specific national services and European initiatives that can support you on the Europass platform.

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