European Digital Credentials for Learning for VET – Showcase your skills!

The 2023 European Vocational Skills Week (23-27 October) is around the corner. To help shine the spotlight on the opportunities provided by vocational education and training (VET), the European Digital Credentials for Learning (EDC) team of Europass will participate in the European Vocational Skills Week 2023 through a Webinar on the 24th of October 14.00 (CEST). Join to learn more about how EDCs can be used for VET diplomas, training certificates, micro-credentials, or letters of recommendations.

The European Vocational Skills Week (EVSW) is a European Commission initiative launched for the first time in 2016. It seeks to promote VET as an attractive career and learning pathway by bringing all stakeholders together to showcase VET opportunities and inspiring best practices. VET offers people of all ages an opportunity to develop and improve skills for their careers and personal development. VET is key to Europe’s efforts to respond to economic, climate and social challenges of today and of the future.

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What will you learn?

European Digital Credentials for Learning (EDCs) are verifiable digital credentials, allowing their recipients (and people they share the credentials with), to directly verify the origin of the credential, as well as its validity. EDCs can be received for all forms of learning experiences, ranging from VET or higher education to non-formal learning, and even shorter courses (micro-credentials) and traineeships.

EDCs can be useful in the recognition process, as they allow for the clear presentation of acquired skills and knowledge, showcasing the added value the credential provides to the individual, helping to validate their skills, and to present them in the labour market.

In addition, EDCs can help showcase the entitlements of the owner of the credentials, highlighting the opportunities open to them through their qualification, such as working as a nurse, or the opportunities to enroll in further learning.

This webinar will provide an overview of what the European Digital Credentials for Learning are, why do we need them, and how European Digital Credentials for Learning can help visualise the skills, knowledge, and entitlements of the recipient of a credential.

Are you an organisation/institution/company that provides education and training or other learning opportunities? You will also get an introduction on how you can get started to issue your own EDCs. Anyone can join this digital transition, join us on the 24th of October to find out how.

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