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Europass Evaluation results

The European Commission completed the evaluation of Europass, which assessed the performance of this EU initiative and answered amongst others the following questions: 

  • Does Europass reach its objectives? 

  • How do Europass tools and services complement each other? 

  • How well does Europass work with other EU initiatives in the fields of skills, qualifications and employment? 

  • Does Europass correspond to the current and future needs of users and stakeholders? 

  • How does Europass make a difference and to whom – what is its added value at the EU and national levels? 

The evaluation process was supported by a public consultation which received 1920 responses, surveys with many users, non-users and stakeholders, in-depth interviews with stakeholders, qualitative observations and more.  The results of the evaluation were published recently and here are some of the key findings: 

The evaluation concludes that Europass is a useful tool for presenting your skills and qualifications to potential employers and education and training providers (universities, vocational training institutes etc.). The platform is especially popular among young people looking for work or education, including outside their home countries. 

People like using Europass because it helps them present their experiences and qualifications in an easy-to-understand manner across Europe. Users are looking for more information on job opportunities, moving to other EU countries for work and learning, on skills that are required by the job market, qualifications, and career guidance.  

The evaluation confirms that connecting Europass with other platforms like EURES which helps people find jobs across Europe or other EU initiatives and national services offering similar services, could make it even more useful. 

In the future, Europass will integrate further services that will empower its users and stakeholders such as the already available European Digital Credential for Learning or the Job and Skill Trends tool. Europass will also explore the use of the latest technological advances and data insights to provide users with more personalized suggestions, making it even more helpful. 

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